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Board of Directors

Bucks County Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Board of Directors

Glenn Beasley (President)
Mark Winokur (Vice President)
Gloria Katsiff (Secretary)
Duane Buck (Treasurer)

Sheena A. Bediako Esq.
Sue Beresford
Joanne Hutchins
Marianne Lang
Ken Moore
Charles Quattrone, Jr.
Arthur Siegel, OD
Susan Von Rohr
Laurie Wajda
Rebecca Walker, MD
Rande Whitham

Anne Marie Hyer, MPA (Executive Director)

Advisory Board
Thomas Bogia
Eileen DelViscio
Dennis Fittipaldi
Larry Kalker, MS, DPM, PC
Barry L. Pflueger, Jr.
Amy VanDenburgh