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Program Accomplishments


Our Mission:

To provide resources, answers and support to all people with blindness or other visual impairment that maximize their ability to meet life’s daily challenges and realize their continued self-worth and value to our community.

Our Commitment:

BCABVI is an organization dedicated to partnering with our clients and creating opportunities that are proactive, aligned with our mission and promote inclusion in our community. This commitment to excellence is incorporated throughout every level of the organization, from direct client interactions to the overall governance of the agency.

We review the effectiveness of our programs annually to assure the opportunities we offer our clients remain relevant and useful, to be proactive with future needs, to guarantee all available resources are being utilized responsibly and to maximize the impact of each dollar invested in our mission.

Our Results and Impact:

  • 3614 community members turned to us for information and options
  • Inspiring hope, discovering options, learning the facts

  • 2248 preschool aged kids at 84 sites in Bucks County screened for vision problems
  • Preparing for educational success, intervening early, reducing impact of vision loss

  • 6 client presenters helped educate over 1,000 children and adults in 49 community groups about blindness and visual impairments
  • Starting conversations, developing empathy, shaping our future

  • 787 patients accessed our Low Vision Clinics (25% growth over past year)
  • Maximizing vision, encouraging independence, restoring hope

  • 416 low vision aids were provided
  • Aiding abilities, encouraging productivity, increasing efficiency

  • 210 hours of client technology training (Iphone etc.) taught by peers
  • Embracing technology, accessing information, remaining connected

  • 1159 hours of life skills education
  • Empowering people, identifying resources, sharing current research

  • 1130 hours of support groups
  • Developing future mentors, building confidence, identifying with others

  • 5963 transportation trips
  • Accessing businesses, participating in our community, supporting our local economy

  • 522 hours of in home support
  • Living independently, saving public funds, increasing self-esteem

  • 3258 hours of social and recreational activities
  • Building relationships, exploring interests, enjoying life

  • 28 volunteers donated 3053.5 hours of service (25% growth over past year)
  • back to the community, contributing their talents, furthering our mission

  • 515 hours of internships
  • Opening our doors, offering experiences, preparing future leaders for non-profits

Highlights of 2015-2016

Completed the expansion of our Low Vision Clinic and increased its capacity

By improving our facility to include a modernized examination room and new technology room, we now have the physical space that reflects our commitment to excellence. The introduction of a second doctor specializing in low vision insures we are positioned to meet the growing demand for low vision services in our community.

Developed a Strategic plan for 2016-2018

BCABVI is a learning organization. We actively solicit feedback and use it to modify and create opportunities that further our mission. Our new strategic plan assures we are focused and taking actions that achieve measurable results.

Conducted a Community Needs Assessment to identify the unmet needs of children and families in Bucks County.

With the support of Foundations Community Partnership, we discovered our role in promoting inclusion for our youngest community members and their families.

Established Children’s Services

In partnership with families, professionals and our community we began to develop programs and identify resources that promote personal growth, independence and advocacy skills. Kids Unlimited, the first social and recreational club for kids with visual impairments in Bucks County, is under development. Our kick off meeting is scheduled for January 2017.

Developed a new training program to prepare our clients for volunteer opportunities in our thrift shop and ultimately, our community.

When we teach skills in a supportive environment, our clients build confidence in their abilities. They learn the value of volunteerism and recognize their personal responsibility to contribute to our community.

Achieved full charity accreditation from the Better Business Bureau for both the BCABVI and Second Look Newtown Thrift Shop.

As a local non-profit, we value building trust with our customers and our community. Our BBB Accreditation gives our supporters confidence in BCABVI’s commitment to maintaining high ethical standards of conduct in all aspects of our operations.