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Low Vision Clinic


BCABVI has two low vision clinics available to serve the residents of Bucks County. The Clinic in Newtown, PA is primarily used by residents of lower Bucks County while a second location in Telford, PA serves the upper part of Bucks County. For many people with low vision, the quality of our clinics and the convenience of our locations are preferred options to traveling into Philadelphia for comparable services.

Patients should seek a low vision evaluation after an ophthalmologist has completed any medical or surgical treatments and has determined that such treatments will not improve the patient’s vision. Our specially trained optometrists have many years of experience helping people with low vision adapt to their vision loss and find ways to maximize remaining vision.

Low Vision Evaluations

A comprehensive low vision evaluation lasts for approximately 60 to 90 minutes.  During this time, our doctors work with each patient to:
•    determine visual function
•    identify daily living activities that are more challenging due to low vision 
•    recommend low vision aids or environmental adaptations that can assist with maximizing remaining vision
•    provide referrals for in home training and instruction as needed

To schedule an appointment for a Low Vision Evaluation at either clinic, please contact our Low Vision Assistant at (215) 968-1035


Low Vision Aids

BCABVI offers low vision aids including hand held and stand magnifiers, spectacles, telescopes, sunwear, prisms and lighting.  These standard prescription items are available for purchase through the clinic.  Specialized items including CCTVs, video magnifiers and computer software are available for demonstration in our store, but must be ordered for patients as needed.

Patients seeking non-prescription items for independence in daily living (ie. large print organizers, cooking tools, personal care items) have the option to order items directly from distributors.
BCABVI keeps a few items in stock (ie. talking watches, large print address books, large button telephones) for on site purchase or we can assist you in selecting an appropriate item from vendor catalogs.

Two of the main vendors of these items are:
•    Maxi Aids at
•    Independent Living Aids at

To receive assistance in selecting the proper low vision aid, please contact our Low Vision Assistant at (215) 968-1035 to schedule a 30 minute appointment.


Training and Instruction

BCABVI works with an occupational therapist certified in low vision who can provide in home training in the use of low vision aids, assist with modification of the home environment and teach daily living skills that maximize independence.  A referral may be required for this service and BCABVI’s Low Vision Assistant is available to coordinate the process.


All patients whose vision can be corrected to no better than 20/70 or has a visual field of less than 20 degrees is appropriate for a low vision evaluation.  To assist the doctor in assessing visual function, patients must have received a medical eye examination within the last year prior to their appointment.

The Low Vision Clinic accepts most insurances and no one is ever turned away based on an inability to pay.  Financial assistance for low vision aids and training may be available for eligible individuals through the Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services or Office of Vocational Rehabilitation for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

Last Updated on 23 May 2016