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Graduation Day for New Client Orientation Class of 2011

February 15, 2011:
BCABVI is proud to announce the graduating class of 2011!  Each of the members successfully completed New Client Orientation, a 12 month program designed to teach basic skills that encourage independence in daily living. Topics mastered included:

Class 1-General Summary of all classes also open forum if clients feel any other skills needed to be taught
Class 2- Low Vision Skills
Class 3-Handwriting/Communication
Class 4- Basic living skills including sighted guide technique and orientation and mobility training
Class 5 & 6- Adaptive food prep skills
Class 7-Home organization and safety
Class 8- Grooming and personal hygiene
Class 9- Home Management and safety
Class 10- Maintaining good health/coping with vision loss
Class 11-Leisure, adaptive techniques for crafts, hobbies, cards and games, sports and exercise.
Class 12- The clients put their newly acquired knowledge to the test as their final challenge was to coordinate their own graduation party using the skills they acquired throughout the program.

The graduation was a roaring success!  Graduates entered to “Pomp and Circumstance” played on their kazoos, speeches were given and special recognition was given to Sheryl Fitzgerald, BCABVI’s social worker and class instructor.


Gaye Vile composed the following poem that expressed her feelings about the class:

Our family and friends
Will no longer be concerned
When they see all the things
We have learned
Used a fork and knife
While we ate at the table
Eating in restaurants
We now are able

Learned about lighting
The contrasts of trays
Light behind us
On brightly lit days

Sweeping and mopping

2011 New Client Orientation Graduates
(left to right) Thelma Tucker, Debbie Berlin, Genevive Niebolo, Jane Verducci,

Gaye Vile, Lottie Wadja, front row: Sheryl Fitzgerald (instructor), Sheila Voltz

Cleaning the floors
Cleaning the glass
In the center’s doors

Because of this group
We’re all a bit stronger
We have to confess
Things take longer!

Last Updated on 16 May 2011